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Our Vision
To help deprived and underserved mountain communities live healthy, productive, and peaceful lives with sustainable resource development programs that provide basic services, livelihood development, and education.

Our Opportunity
In the past 10 years, responsible resource development in Canatuan, Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte in the Philippines has provided a few fortunate mountain communities with the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives with sustainable development programs. Where once hunger was common, families have established vegetable gardens that supply their daily food needs and provide additional income. Families who in the past could only dream of sending their children to school or seeing a doctor now have access to primary and college education and basic health care.

The Maple Tree Foundation believes that these stories of hope can be replicated and expanded. Our approach is to target communities in need adjacent to communities where sustainable development has taken hold and replicate the programs that beat hunger, protect the body and train the mind.

Now is the time to replicate and expand.