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December 22, 2009

MTF Outreach In Tanay, Rizal
Emergency School Supply Program Sto. Niño Elementary School at Tanay, Rizal

The Community

Sto Nino Elementary School is a 3 hours drive from MTF office. It is situated in the Mountains of Tanay Rizal where the population of the community is around 500 families and the population of children in elementary school is 25 % Dumagat (Indigenous people).

• Road access to the community is rudimentary.
• Access to the Tanay school by car requires a river crossing (there are no bridges)
• There is no cellphone signal to the community. Communication to and from the community is via postal service or by sending persons to transmit any urgent information.
• Electricity for the community is limited and supplied by a generator that runs daily from 6 pm to 9 pm .
• Public transportation is via a jeepney (which carries passengers on the roof) and is limited to one morning and evening trip daily.

Typhoon’s wrath

• Typhoon Ondoy destroyed much of this isolated community.
• Houses were washed away and many farm animals (cows, goats), a source of food and income for amny families in the community, were drowned.
• Families in this community have limited income and school supplies for students are not well-provided.

The School

• The number of students graduating elementary school is low, only 16. Many children discontinue their studies to help their parents by working for a living.

Action Taken

• 227 students were given back packs containing school supplies and cookies, drinks and slippers to wear to school (Many students have worn-out slippers or don’t even own any).
• The supplies for the students are basic but hopefully give them the tools and encouragement to value their education and stay in school.

As a result of the fundraising efforts of students at Mt Royal University in Calgary, AB, MTF was able to organize the Outreach in Tanay, Rizal.

You can donate and help kids in need get back to school. Even a small donation can make a big difference.

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