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December 12, 2011

School Completion by 2012

Work is progressing on the 2 schools being built by the MTF’s Build-A School project. The Canatuan school is further along in construction with expected completion end of Feb 2012.

Construction of our school at Busicong has been delayed because heavy rain fall in October caused damage to both the road to the school and the school site. Fortunately, our partner, TVIRD, has generously sent in a bulldozer and backhoe to repair the damage to the road and school site. Expected completion date is by March 2012.

A. Canatuan Elementary School

Present view of Canatuan Elementary School, on-going construction of the school building.

B. Imam Nasaron C. Haron Primary School

Bull dozer and buck hoe during the leveling a benching at SitioLanggal school site.

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