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June 7, 2011

MTF Medical Mission in Malambuhangin
Conducted in Malambuhangin and serviced residents from 8 surrounding villages

On May 21, 2011, MTF successfully completed our 2 nd Medical Mission thanks to the generous donation of the students from Mount Royal University Management 4431 Class, 2010/2011. Our Medical Mission was conducted in Malambuhangin and serviced residents from 8 surrounding villages. Malambuhangin, the southernmost barangay (village) of the town of Siocon, was selected because of the lack of access to basic medical services and its strategic location.

Malambuhangin straddles the municipal boundary of Siocon and Sirawai and is central to 8 villages: 2 in Siocon (Micubo and Latabon) and 6 in Sirawai (Pina, Panabutan, Balub uhan, Balatakan, and San Roque). These coastal communities are predominantly Muslims tribes (Kalibugans, Iranuns, Maguindanaos and Tausogs), former Moro National Liberation Front ( Chairman Nur Misuari, Tausog) or sympathizers of the breakaway Moro Ismalic Liberation Front (Hashim Salamat, Maguindanao.

The Medical Mission team consisted of:
• Local government
• Municipal Health Officer, RT Lim, ZamboangaSibugay
• 4 Medical Doctors, 2 Dentists
• 1 nurse, 1 mid-wife
• TVIRD representatives
• The Philippine Army

The team travelled to this isolated community by land for one day. The Philippine Army and the TVIRD SCAA personnel secured the location to facilitate the medical mission. Over 357 residents from the communities surrounding Malambuhangin received free primary medical care, dental services, and medical supplies. ). Our mission was successful in bringing much needed basic medical care to communities in need and supporting the Philippine Government’s peace process in a post conflict area.

MTF provided Php130,000 (Cdn$3023.00) in funding for the mission.


Villagers registering for medical services.

Left Photo: A Muslim woman registering for the medical services.
Right Photo: Dental services include tooth extraction being done by Dr. Edera

The Malambuhangin Medical Team

Back row: Lyle, Dr. Luspo, Dr. Ignacio and two unidentified Army and SCAA personnel
Middle row: Dr. Jason dela Cruz, Julma, Ms. Esnane, and Ms. Prestoza
Front row: Crisanto, Jocelyn, the Barangay Chairman of Malambuhangin and Dr. Caballero.

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